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Deli Container
Food Storage Deli Contianer 1
Food Storage Deli Contianer 2
Food Storage Deli Contianer 3
Food Storage Deli Contianer 1
Food Storage Deli Contianer 2
Food Storage Deli Contianer 3

Food Storage Deli Contianer

Deli containers are food grade PP materials, made of high quality 100% food-grade BPA -free polypropylene.They have different applications in many countries. Mostly used for keeping foods, cheese, salad, sweet, pastry, fruit slices,  soup, and other liquids for a long time without leakage and letting air inside.Durable for everyday use.The capacity range is 8oz 12oz 16oz 20oz 24oz 32oz. The containers are with lids. Totally recyclable and disposable. Our products are microwaveable and dishwasher Safe.We had options for transparen and Foggy.This product promotes fast product identification, whether on display in a deli case or stored in a refrigerator.Keep your product fresh.


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    Product Details

    Black or white bases and translucent lids, available configurations in one and two compartment, Food Grade PP+Eco friendly, leak proof

    Compressive Properties
    Leak Proof
    Optional Vent Hole
    Strong Toughness

    Related Parameters

    Item Capacity Product Size (inch/cm) Package Size (inch/cm) Weight (g/±1g) QTY/carton CTNS/40HQ Color
    S-32 32oz 950ml Φ4.6*5.6 inch 11.68*14.22 cm 23.82*9.8*19.96 inch, 60.3*24.5*50.8 cm 38 240sets/carton 966 Clear/Foggy
    S-24 24oz 710ml Φ4.6*4.3 inch, 11.68*10.92cm 23.82*9.5*17.6 inch, 60.3*24.5*44.8 cm 31 240sets/carton 1095 Clear/Foggy
    S-20 20oz 590ml 4.75x3.66 inch, 12.06*9.29 cm 23.81*9.72*16.33 inch, 60.5*24.7*41.5cm 29 240sets/carton   Clear/Foggy
    S-16 24oz 470ml Φ4.6*3 inch, 11.68*7.62 cm 23.82*9.8*14.06 inch, 60.3*24.5*36.11 cm 25.5 240sets/carton 1357 Clear/Foggy
    S-12 12oz 355ml Φ4.6*2.4 inch, 11.68*6.1 cm 23.82*9.8*13.46 inch, 60.3*24.5*34.3 cm 22.5 240sets/carton 1429 Clear/Foggy
    S-8 8oz 240ml Φ4.6*1.7 inch, 11.68*4.32 cm 23.82*9.8*12.8 inch, 60.3*24.5*32.6 cm 21 240sets/carton 1504 Clear/Foggy

    Product Advantages

    Strong toughness; BPA FREE; LR patent; Microwavable (temp:-20-110°C); Freezer safe; Dishwasher safe; Water and oil resistance; stackable; Recyclable; Reusable

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    Specializing at food packing R&D&Production since from 1992.
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