Specializing at food packing R&D&Production since from 1992.

's Plastic Hinged Pie Containers

TAISHAN CHANGJIANG PLASTIC PRODUCT CO., LTD controls the quality of plastic hinged pie containers during the production. We conduct inspections at any point throughout the production process to identify, contain and resolve product problems as quickly as possible. We also implement testing that is in line with related standards to measure the properties and evaluate performance.

Our LR brand presents our products in a consistent, professional way, with compelling features and distinctive styles that can only be LR products. We have a very clear appreciation of our DNA as a manufacturer and the LR brand runs through the heart of our business day-to-day, continually creating values for our customers.

Since there is a direct correlation between the repurchasing rate of customers and the quality of customer service, we are trying our best to invest in great workers. We believe what matters most is the service quality the people provide. Hence, we required our customer service team to be a good listener, to spend more time on the problems that customers are really saying at LR.

About 's Plastic Hinged Pie Containers

The team of in-house designers responsible for plastic hinged pie containers and suchlike products in our company - TAISHAN CHANGJIANG PLASTIC PRODUCT CO., LTD are leading experts in this industry. Our design approach begins with research – we will conduct a deep dive of goals and objectives, who will use the product, and who makes the purchasing decision. And we leverage our industry experience to create the product.
's Plastic Hinged Pie Containers
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we welcome custom designs and ideas and is able to cater to the specific requirements. for more information, please visit the website or contact us directly with questions or inquiries.
Specializing at food packing R&D&Production since from 1992.
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