Specializing at food packing R&D&Production since from 1992.

2024 Spring Canton Fair


We just finished last month's Canton Fair, where we brought our new product - a clamshell disposable lunch box with a new design concept. The design concept of this product stems from the consideration of the eating habits of the new South American market and the transportation costs of buyers, aiming to provide consumers with a more convenient and practical eating experience and buyers to reduce costs and improve profit margins.

2024 Spring Canton Fair 1


During the Canton Fair, our products attracted the attention of a large number of overseas buyers, and they spoke highly of our products. Many buyers not only looked at the quality of our products, but also expressed high recognition for the innovation and environmental protection of our product design. They believe that our products not only meet the needs of consumers, but also meet the pursuit of current buyers.

2024 Spring Canton Fair 2

In this Canton Fair, we also harvested a large number of business cards. Many buyers had friendly exchanges with us and placed some orders on the spot. Thanks to their love and support for our products, we are full of confidence in our new products.

2024 Spring Canton Fair 3

We look forward to more buyers coming to learn about our products at the next Canton Fair on October 23-27. We are confident that with our quality products and innovative design concepts, we will be able to achieve great results at the next Canton Fair.

2024 Spring Canton Fair 4

We are very satisfied with our performance at the Canton Fair. We thank all the buyers who support us and recognize our products, it is your recognition that makes us full of expectations for the future. We will continue to maintain our original intention and commit ourselves to developing more high-quality and innovative products to provide consumers with more and better choices.

2024 Spring Canton Fair 5


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Specializing at food packing R&D&Production since from 1992.
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